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I offer my services as an experienced line editor at affordable prices.  Your story will have my full attention to detail. I want to partner with you to make your manuscript,  article or other writing shine before publishing.

Any finished work requires a final proofing from a qualified person.
I have brought value to many other writer's work. I would love to work with you, too.

What is Line Editing?

        Line Editing is a method that editors rely on to bring out the
            best in a manuscript or other writing.  I use the proven strategies

 of  editing to guide me as I examine each and every word,
sentence,and paragraph for logic and clarity.
My goal, as your editor, is to advise you of changes
that will bring your manuscript to its finest potential.


Two of the Published Books
I have Edited

How To Write Your Book

By Brenda Hill

Brenda Hill shares her knowledge of the essentials of writing. Authors can take their writing into new dimensions by understanding these professional applications.

I highly recommend it.

Brenda Hill is also the author of

                                       "The House on Serpent Lake"

                                        "Ten Times Guilty," 
                                          "With Full Malice" 
                                          and more fascinating novels

Available on Amazon


The Floor is NOT an Option!

By Sheila McCurdy

"Special Thanks to my editor, Millie Hinkle, who is kind, tough and a cheering crowd all wrapped into one person."

                                  Sheila G. McCurdy          

“Sheila has presented a remarkably clear, concise and thorough method of helping us to understand how, and why we need to de-clutter. In a humorous, yet highly informative and non-judgmental manner, she presents individual case studies to make this organizing book enjoyable to read."

                                                                    Anne Sanregret,
                                                                    National University
,                                                                   Costa Mesa, CA

Available on Amazon